Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Toothpaste Kisses

Just as I was slipping into the phase of decay and being quintessentially Taurean [read: lazy], I received a bunch of goodies from BLUR DESIGNS. I chanced upon their Facebook page during one of those relentless stalking moments and boy I was tickled to death! Within seconds I was marveling at their collection; particularly those under the 'Minimalist' album. The lovely people over at Blur Designs were kind to send me the black metal cuffs that I'm wearing and the metallic ponytail holder in silver. You can stalk and buy them HERE- all under the Minimalist album.
Several months ago I wrote about how I would not wear white again. Atleast I thought so, because evidently, I found my way back and succumbed to the freshness of the colour. Plus it goes well with my shoes, so why not? Thats when my lonely white shirt ultimately felt useful after being stashed away for months. Similar story with the pants, only its been lying unused for a shorter period. Bagged them off the ASOS sale and despite the fact that they're a wee bit transparent, I really like how they feel. Like I'm wearing nothing at all.  Well, who doesn't like being able to enjoy the comfort of walking around in the nude with clothes on?!
Delhi was blessed with a beautiful afternoon after the rains- cool and sunny- and throwing a leather vest on seemed feasible. Besides, my subconscious wouldn't allow me to step out in a completely white, sparkling ensemble. Then the bag and cap followed. One of the many joys of going back home during holidays is acquiring bags like the one I'm carrying from the mother's collection. If only we shared the same apparel and shoe sizes! What say you, ladies? And gents of course.

Wearing: Pants ASOS, Shirt ZARA, Bag Hidesign, Shoes MNG, Accessories c/o Blur Designs, Cap thrifted, Leather Vest from a boutique.

Been listening to Toothpaste Kisses by The Maccabees since the morning and felt the need to share it just incase any of you miss the songs I so religiously shared in every post. x

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Neemrana | Outfit

Continuation from the previous post.
What I wore: My sisters maxi dress which seemed like the best thing to slip into early in the morning since I had surprisingly not planned on an outfit. The floor length dress swaying all over the place got me tying the handy knot to make things easier. And my go-to pair of loyal chuck misters.

Neemrana Fort Palace.

Pictures from yesterday: a visit to the Neemrana Fort Palace in Rajasthan with a few friends. The fort dates back to the 15th century, occupied by the Chauhans until 1947. It is now a heritage hotel and is hauntingly beautiful- a days visit was definitely just a teaser and I know I will go back for more.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Outfit | Casuals

So I'm scrolling through the usual- my Tumblr dash, and as always, am bombed with pictures of Miranda Kerr, Jessica Hart, Rosie Huntington, Candice Swanepoel, more models and other God-like creatures who walk the face of the Earth. Whether I chose to follow people who are obsessed with the aforementioned species or am obsessed myself, I fail to comprehend. But who doesn't enjoy going through pictures of probably the world's best looking lot? Extremely good looking people should be transported to a whole new planet of their own. Imagine a place inhabited solely by such people, sashaying around effortlessly all over the place like aliens from heaven, perhaps. Oh I can totally spot my imaginary Mr. Grey amongst them. Sigh, I know. But here's the twist. There is another kind. Another kin. The type who know exactly how to dress and style themselves with absolute brilliance. Now this class I do admire. Its a different thing to look stunning in almost everything but knowing how to work your outfit right is a skill in itself. I love it when people commit to a certain quirk and establish their styles without engaging in extravagant purchases. And that is unquestionably possible. I mean, you could own a massive high brand collection and still go wrong. It all comes down to knowing what your body can take. That is partially what my blog is about; experimenting recklessly and trying to identify my style alongside. Because no one is born and tagged into particular categories. We keep evolving as humans and everything else follows closely, including our personal styles.

Wearing my new favorite - grey cut out Vero Moda shirt (from Asos), navy blue thrifted skirt, (See, you need not spend over a thousand rupees in Zara when you can get one for a good two hundred bucks!) Old pair of Chuck Taylors and Cat Eye Sunglasses from Asos again. Would be a lot more fun wearing it if I had Batman to myself. ;)