Saturday, 11 August 2012

Neemrana | Outfit

Continuation from the previous post.
What I wore: My sisters maxi dress which seemed like the best thing to slip into early in the morning since I had surprisingly not planned on an outfit. The floor length dress swaying all over the place got me tying the handy knot to make things easier. And my go-to pair of loyal chuck misters.

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You look really gorgeous. Those earrings are beautiful :)
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love your outfit! girly but not really. haha

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Anita Putri

great hippy outfit :)

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i loved the way you made a knot on the hemline and the canvas shoes to go with it. <3


cute dress :)

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Sanna Gurung

you look absolutely gorgeous. Looks like i've missed quite a bit. Love the look and all of your outfits. Especially love the pictures they are so clear and makes the outfit stand out. Great job babe !


Loving the print of your maxi dress

Kavita Sharma

Thank you for sharing information about this information topic. Nice thank you
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