Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Be Gentle with me.

Approximately two weeks back, during one of my visits to the mall, I fell in love with a pair of shoe that was displayed in Aldo. I loved it  I love it because I'd been wanting to buy a pair of clogs and the shoe satisfies all my wishes. Clog look, chunky heels and all that jazz! Since then, I'd go and check the shoe everytime I went into the store. Loathe over the chunky heels, put them on, admire them, walk around and feel good - but that was just temporary happiness, a fleeting sensation. Who knew I'd be the proud owner of them one day.... But deep within I knew I was getting them anyhow! :D
So my dad was in town during Holi. We spent a memorable weekend together- shopping, dining in fancy places and indulging in father-daughter chats after dinner. Oh, my father is a  big time shopaholic. He won't admit it but he is a serious case just like his daughter. :) So you know where the genes have come from...! So thats how I got these shoes and many other goodies. Oh! how I love shopping! But like I've mentioned before- you ought to be a shoptimist! :)
So today I tried on my heels with my black over-knee socks from Zara. And improvised a head gear with my hairband. :) This is how it looked.

(Wearing Shoes- Aldo, Skirt- Zara kids, Socks- Zara, Black Top- Zara, Belt- Zara, Ear rings- Forever New.)

I've been really busy with my tests and assignments and with the semester closing in, teachers are rushing with the syllabus so we're burdened with extra classes and well, the normal classes. Bugger. But there's always time for music, love and fashion. :)
Please listen to Sky by Joshua Radin (feat. Ingrid Michaelson). Oh, did I mention that Joshua is one of my favorite artists. I call him my Mr. Goodnight. :) And since this song features Ingrid, let me tell you that I love her too! Check Everybody and Maybe by Ingrid. Fantastic songs. Lovely music. Lovely feeling. Lovely everything! :) xoxo