Monday, 10 November 2014

Transcend | Musings

In a world plagued by broader issues, we find ourselves aggravating the essence of being human in its real sense, slowly churning dirt into filth...
What is it about this society which outrightly - through an almost natural inclination - disregards the ability to respect and love people for who they are, and not what they are? Barring, of course, the unanimously respected icons; but people, everyday people. 
To observe cautiously, the chaos of hundred minds as each of them runs through the race, trying so hard to be seen as 'one of them', to be associated with the (apparently) elite group, the 'high class' (created ironically by people themselves), the 'popular group' (whatever you like to term it), while forgetting all along to love oneself and appreciate the gift of just being, is unparalleled in its entertainment. For the fortunate rest, it manifests as a priceless gift through realization itself. 
It is of greater amusement to watch adults, not high school kids, trapped in the vicious functioning of todays world, which commands, through its ever booming social media stands, a magnified amount of pretence, engulfing the oblivious victim into self deception. Struggling ones way up the social ladder is never worth the energy, for many a times if not always, there is a twin-fold, disruptive consequence in that most lose the identity of being an individual in addition to recklessly embracing the shambles which deceives the common mind in its falsified radiance. Learning to distinguish between what is actually gold that glitters and what is not can transcend the person into leading a purposeful life.
Social relations are as nauseating; to witness people constantly failing to acknowledge a distant relative, a cousin, a family member who isn't as glamorous as someone else who walks around with price tags all over them is so common, it often goes unnoticed. Sycophancy is the present order of the society- a sickening, alarming state of affairs which goes on only to prove the regression into ancient times. The systems of caste, creed and social injustices we condemn so categorically is questionable as humans today live in a world developed only in the concrete display of infrastructure and external knowledge. The mind continues to be dominated by deception and in the process, we heedlessly create the same hierarchy we otherwise denounce.
Step aside for a moment, thrive in the company of yourself and experience the inner struggle for morality. 

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Slouch | OOTD

Clothes of comfort.
[Wearing: All ZARA] 

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Buckled Lace

Socks. Or no socks?
Current state of affairs.

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[Zara sandals, ASOS socks.]

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Sand in my shoes | Photolog

Treasures from a trip long gone and never forgotten.

[Cambodia, March '14. Shot with the Fujifilm Instax, unedited.]