Monday, 18 August 2014

Happy in Black // Outfit

Saturday night has just begun and I find myself caught sailing in a sea of numerous things I want to do right now. My work desk currently hosts a wire fest that needs immediate ordering. The novel I bought today has been staring at me from the corner of my table (under all those wires) with its conspicuous bold ink blue cover, waiting to be devoured page to page. My laptop holds the remaining ten episodes of a TV series that I have been indulging in; frequently stricken by guilt at that. There is also a new pesto recipe playing in my head and while I really want to accommodate myself in all four activities, I wind up here. On the blog.
I do surprise myself quite a lot. Sometime last month, I was certain my relationship with this blog was on the edge. Maybe I haven't found that closure yet.

While contemplating on picking one of the aforementioned activities, I chanced upon a brilliant article about forgiveness. This world wide web, I tell ya! 

Forgive. My earliest memory of the word takes me back to the days when I was a naive school kid, eager and energetic. Living in a close knitted environment with a hundred others entailed constant episodes of stereotypically childish, primary school-like drama. Writing notes on tiny pieces of paper was both an effective method of communication (especially during monitored prep time) and a great source of entertainment. Quite obviously, the 'chits' worked best when two people were going through silent treatments from each other after a fight. 'Dear X, I am sorry, please forgive me'- would be scribbled down with a blunt pencil and passed on to X. 'O.K, we are friends again.' Everything else was forgotten. Life was simpler as a seven year old.

High school was when things got bitter. Mindless fights were gradually replaced with more serious issues of trust, betrayal and resentment, not to mention the adolescent boy-loves-girl hullabaloo. How easy was forgiving one another then? Every single day carried with it a plethora of hearsay and one could either choose to stay out of it or indulge completely. We all thought we knew everything- that we were mature grown ups, the seniors. Looking back now, we were, without a doubt, still kids.

Today, forgiveness for me isn't something I'd give away on a piece of paper. Nor is it in any way something I'd seek in vain. Governing our mind regardless of unnecessary judgement is the freedom we enjoy when ushered into adulthood. Holding a grudge (and a swollen ego larger than the size of Kim K's rear end) and constantly drowning in vengeance can prove harmful for the subject. Going with the universal wisdom, 'forgive and forget' is the way of life. Nonetheless, an individual can choose what she wants. If betrayal punches you in the face and in spite of the shock that comes along initially, if you feel liberated with time, you can choose only to forget. Moralities and psychologies definitely differ from person to person and so does the magnitude of events.
The best part about being in your twenties is gradually caring less about what people think of you and surrounding yourself with people and things you love.
Well, and the worst is that I'm almost broke! ;) (I've got the Summer Sale to thank!)

Keeping up with the virtually depressing topic, I have a few pictures of an all-black outfit although I do look way too gleeful in some. However ironic dull it may sound, black is my happy color! Pardon me if you continue seeing my Mithuns in every other post.

[Scuba Top- F21 seen here before, Shorts & Shoes- ZARA]

Sunday, 10 August 2014

The Mithuns // Outfit

July was a fulfilling, productive and self-enriching month for me. I speak here of personal and fairly spiritual aspects of the same; devoid completely of anything financial or materialistic. Being a firm believer in solitude, nothing brings me more joy than spending time alone: immersing blissfully in activities of my own preference, drowning in facts and fiction, nurturing plants, absorbing myself in culinary adventures, reading, writing and exercising. Finding that perfect balance is key. Because, as someone rightly said, '... you were not put on earth for the sole purpose of having a thigh gap and a flat stomach.'

Four days have passed since I typed out the above paragraph and by happy chance, I am not in the mood for nauseating, needless preaching and self indulgence today. If you're reading this, you are, I assume, a grown up who can do better at maintaining a delightful lifestyle without having to read about someone else's.


Moving on.

August- the harbinger of pleasant, cooler days in the capital, has sneaked up on us leaving bittersweet feelings of a fading summer. Distressingly sultry afternoons will soon give way to natures display of sombre yet soothing days and before we know it, we will be turning our thoughts to bundling up!
Well, that did escalate quickly- it is still a good 28 degrees at 4 in the AM as I type this.... and with that, I am reminded of how my biological clock has shifted base to some arbitrary continent across the globe. Calm hours of the night are in some way best fitted for reading. Even the mind unleashes a sea of thoughts at night, pensive and absorbed. At a time where all else is at rest, I find my senses most awake. On less appealing nights, the story is completely different. Like tonight for instance. Here I am, wide awake, after an hour (or two) long horrifying conversation about paranormal and ghostly experiences with a group of friends. Where are ye, sleep? 

Currently indulging in the end of season sale because really, this is the only time I actually shop at the mall. My first and possibly best buy is the pair of black mules I am wearing in the pictures above and which have been inviting a lot of comments from my friends and cousins. My sister was sure she saw a similar pair in my grand parents' home, "..rotting away in the attic." Another friend looked and exclaimed with sheer amusement, "Oh, those are Mithun Chakraborty shoes!" I have, ever since, named them the Mithuns.  "Hey, have you seen my Mithuns?" "My Mithuns seem to be creasing, I want to purchase another pair since they're now priced at 90 percent less the original price." Truth be told, I could do with another pair, considering how I have been wearing them EVERY SINGLE DAY. And I will damn well continue doing so. Let us now talk about Mr. Wang's pleated cami rip off. No one does it better than Zara. 650 dollars, yes! And I picked them for um. Ten dollars? Twelve? Holy frickin' schnitzel! 

[Wearing: Top, Pant, Shoes and Bag- ZARA, Watch CASIO from ASOS, Sunglasses from BLUR] 

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Turquoise Haven

Because there is nothing quite like the unfiltered, inviting, turquoise Turkish waters.

[Butterfly Island, Oludeniz. July '13]

Thursday, 10 July 2014


Resurfacing on the blog after a spell of uninspiring, dry, Delhi summer; which btw still persists, and which also keeps me from being active at outdoor shooting, outfit posts and the likes. The only probable explanation for this post could be the recent attempt to rearrange my wardrobe. We all know how that works wonders!
On another note, these mirrored glasses are difficult to photograph. If you haven't noticed yet, I was not permitted to put the straight-up-front-facing-photographer-reflecting photographs. Yeh, if that makes any sense at all.

[Shoes ASOS, Dress Vintage, Sunnies from Twist].