Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Sihanoukville | Otres Photo Diary I

Otres Beach is one of the many beaches that line the coast of  the southern Cambodian province of Kompong Som.
Truth be told, I hadn’t done an extensive research on Sihanoukville - and its many beaches - prior to our arrival. We took a night bus from Siem Reap on the second day and after a good 9 hours of journeying with toilet/food break every 2 hours; we were at Sihanoukville by the break of dawn.
I must admit I was slightly apprehensive about traveling at night having read a couple of reviews, but the journey turned out to be strangely memorable and quite possibly a significant part of the entire trip. The bus we took was well maintained, with comfortable beds in twos (if you’re a single traveler, you should consider looking for a partner/friend well in advance, unless, of course, you’re okay sharing a bed with strangers) and it was filled with travelers, mostly backpackers. Luckily, nothing turned out to be like the reviews I had read. I mean, what could possibly be challenging for us Indians! And I am specifically talking about those of us who have taken night buses, crowded local trains and other such means of travel.  
In addition, the local Khmer people are friendly and decent, making it fairly safe for women travelers.
After arriving into the beach town, we headed down to a travel agency and booked tickets for the Island transport and lodging for the next day.
Otres Beach is located towards the southern end of the mainland and is far less developed and commercial than the rest; which is why we chose to stay there. The beach is dotted with several beach-hut accommodations and you can choose any according to your budget (book in advance during high-season).
We got our cute little hut by the sea and spent the entire day relaxing on the beach.

The evening was exceptional, details of which I will share in the posts to come.

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Siem Reap | Photo Diary

Tuk-tuk rides/ Night Markets/ Pub Street/ Souvenir Shopping/ Local Food Hunt.

Our lovely hostel/lodge. About $8 per person with all the basic facilities. Oh, and we did get to celebrate the little boy's birthday where he cut (hands down) the most delicious cake all of us had ever eaten. Smooth fresh cream, moist sponge cake with a super generous mix of semi-frozen fresh pulpy mangoes. Why am I even talking about the cake? Yum!

In and around the town.


Dumping random images onto Blogger. With experience, I have become aware of my inability to organize images and get rid of most (read: dump on the blog) so I thought this would be a start.
I miss this beautiful town.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Deep Blue

On the night of the Full Moon, we sailed back into the Island (Koh Rong) after a days trip in the sea : snorkeling, fishing, some barbeque and sunset. While most people on the island were preparing to take the boat into the neighbouring Koh Rong Samloem where the party was to happen until dawn, we stayed back and walked along the beaches at night under the bright moon and fell asleep to the sound of the waves.

Monday, 24 March 2014

Wool + Gray | Outfit

When I got around to wearing this gorgeous wool dress which my brother - who usually never ever has anything to say about my outfits - practically forced me to buy. Speaking about expenses, Wool + Gray has to be my primary combination for disaster.

[Dress ZARA]